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About Us

Thara Koncept  was founded in 2001 by a family that wanted to create something different, easily  wearable clothes not defined by the size of the wearer, but by avant-garde design and refined materials. ..clothes that will be a moving architecture but still easy and fun..
..with that idea in mind they worked hard and found a niche in the market…people responded with enthusiasm and the product was a success..
..15 years later…the production and their retail network grew but eclectic cuts, high quality  materials and tailored approach are still in fashion and by staying true to their basic idea they still bring joy to their customer..

Our goal at Thara Koncept is to bring wearable clothes that correspond from casual to formal with easiness and joy!

Each season our collections are the result of a mix of imagination and construction with a bit of hard work..each of our collection can be mixed and matched with the earlier ones,our clothes are to be worn for decades not just one season..

All our apparel is made in Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, by a team of lovely, happy ladies that work together with our designers to create magic… During the whole process the emphasis is on women empowerment and ethical production..

Thank you for considering buying our products, by doing so you make it possible for all the women and their families  involved in the creation process to live happy and healthy lives.